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Day One Hundred and Seventy. The One With Boston. The One Which Broke My Heart


The Do Something New Challenge

Happy New Year Everyone!! Some technical issues meant I wasn’t able to post yesterday – My jet set lifestyle had me transported from Ballymena to York where I saw in the New Year.
I spent a couple of exceptionally happy years living and studying in York with people who remain some of my bestest of all the friends. I love nipping up every now and again to hang with my crew (note to self-you can’t pull off talking ‘street’)
As I was in York, it would be rude not to drop by the famous Betty’s tea shop to pick up a Fat Rascal – an unbelievably delicious scone of joy (and as luck would have it, perfect hangover breakfast which I was grateful for this morning) When I was there, I spied an odd looking thing called a pikelet which I thought would do for experience no 65. Very, very…

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The Do Something New Challenge

I’m still totally wired from my 5pm non-decaf coffee. Can’t sleep. This doesn’t bode well for my 6am swim….

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Day Thirty Do feel free to come join me and follow my journey on the Do Something New Blog Laters Xoxo