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The Final Countdown……..

So, one week until the Brighton Half Marathon- my first ever proper race. A few months ago running 60 seconds was a challenge so part of me can’t quite believe this is actually happening 🙂 It’s been a mixture of emotions this week – doing fewer and fewer miles in the week before a race is actually really difficult.  You can’t help but worry that all the fitness you’ve spent months cultivating will wilt away during a week of sloth. I’m nervous, but really exited and really pleased that some of my favourite ever people are coming along to share the day.

I was very sad to wake up to the news that Whitney Houston has died. I’ve spent many happy an hour dancing along to Whitney in ironic 80s bars. I’ve added One Moment In Time to my playlist for next week in her honour. I’m hoping that will spur me along in addition to the good wishes and donations so many people have sent. I’ve been genuinely stunned by how generous people have been – ‘anonymous’ – you know who you are – I don’t, but thank you – that was amazingly generous and also people who I’ve never met – e.g. Stephen Griffiths – thanks for the dollar! The Just Giving page is still open so feel free to take a look by clicking here and chucking me a few quid if you feel able / inclined

I’ll let you know how I get on – Wish me luck!
Peace Out


Hey Everybody, Come See How Good I Look

Yesterday was a big day. I ran 12 miles. That’s the farthest I’ve ever ran before, and the longest before the Half Marathon which is TWO WEEKS TODAY!!!

It was also an exciting day because I got to model my new cold weather running gear, complete with sexy fluorescent pink gloves. The weather in the UK has decided to go a bit nuts so I was running in -3c. Still, it’s almost worth it when you get to look like this…

I totally wanted to shout out ‘Hey Everybody, Come See How Good I Look’ at the top of my voice, Ron Burgandy Style, but no-one else was around, so I contained myself.

Overall the 12 miles weren’t too bad. Although it was cold, it was a beautiful sunny morning and I ditched the hills for the river which meant it was nice and flat. A few things of note happened. I saw a rat towards the end – people who know me well know that I am properly terrified of rats – even writing the word is making me feel sick right at this moment. I saw it far off in the distance and thought about what I should do. I reckoned if I could run 12 miles, I could cope with running past it. Then it moved again and I totally freaked out and clambered up a hilly ledge to get onto another footpath. I think I kinda scared the people out for their morning stroll.

Although overall I felt ok, at certain points it was really tough – around mile 9 I thought I was going to die. Then something amazing happened – my itunes playlist shuffled to the Chariots of Fire theme tune, and right when I was looking at this

I actually laughed out loud – amazing how the right songs find you, just when you need them.

Unbelievable to think in two weeks time it will be race day. People have been incredibly supportive and have been asking how to donate – I’m running this for the Alzheimer’s Society who I know from personal experience are a wonderful charity providing support for people living with Alzheimer’s and their families. If you would like to, you can donate to the Alzheimer’s society by clicking here – your generosity is genuinely, hugely appreciated.

So now I start tapering off which is basically doing less to conserve energy for race day – much harder than it sounds as I’ll probably spend the fortnight worried I’ll totally lose all fitness and forget how to run. Wish me luck!

Peace Out


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