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The London 2012 Olympics have finally begun….


Like the Marathon a few months ago, the Olympics have felt like a shot of positivity and good vibes shooting through this fair city. Being a sucker for sentimentality, I’ve been totally engrossed right from the Torch Relay, stalking it several times as it made its way to the Olympic Park.

I watched the whole opening ceremony with a group of friends, during which I learned of at least four countries I didn’t know existed before (Comoros anyone??) I have to say, the ceremony certainly was, erm, interesting… While the lighting of the cauldron and forging of the Olympic Rings were truly spectacular, for parts of it, I can’t help but think Danny Boyle spent a hefty chunk of the £27million budget smoking drugs!  I also loved that it has been an excuse to make up some new words – Seb Coe slipped ‘Olympicality’ into his speech – I’m pretty sure that’s a made up word, but I like it 😉

I’ve already been to Old Trafford and Wembley to watch Team GB take on the footy and will be swinging by Beach Volleyball later on this week – seeing Horseguards Parade transformed into a beach is well worth a tenner! I’m kinda hoping watching lots of sports will translate into some vicarious Great North Run training since I’ve been super slack in my preparations. Not completely my fault since I’ve been struck down with the flu, but I really need to get back in the game. Until then, will continue to watch random Olympic sports from my sickbed (Handball is my favourite so far – brutal!)


Peace Out