Egg-citing Adventures

My usual sickeningly optimistic demeanor has been shaken. Some geniuses threw eggs at a friend and I as we walked home from a party this weekend. Just in case you’re wondering, it’s NOT fun to travel across London playing find the egg shell in your party clothes. The next day I was still fuming. Rather than stew in my own juices, I wondered how the situation could be transformed to a force for good. My solution

Using eggs in the best way I know – Banana Pancakes – a Hug on a Plate.

I also thought I would try a special weekend run. Purely by accident I came across some fantastic runs around central London on the Serpentine Running Club website. This one takes you the whole way would Hyde Park, St James’s Park and Green Park passing shameless London tourist spots on the way.

Start at Hyde Park

Head to Kensington Palace

Learn some interesting facts about trees

Swing by the Royal Albert Hall

Which overlooks the Albert Memorial

Head towards Green Park saying hello to Nelson on the way

Swing by Buckingham Palace to say hello to Liz to ask her how Jubalympics prep is going. Unf she wasn’t in

Check in on her son at Clarence House while you’re there

Duck under Wellington Arch

Head back to Speakers Corner in Hyde Park past the Joy of Life Fountain

And finish at the Animal War Memorial

It was a very pretty, but very slow seven miles given the many stops I had to make to orient myself and sidestep tourists -btw, is there ANYTHING more annoying than a bunch of tourists with umbrellas. Even though I’ve lived in this great city for about 4 yrs now, there’s so much I haven’t seen – could be a good excuse to work through the whole website ……

Until Next Time

Peace out



One thought on “Egg-citing Adventures

  1. Daniel says:

    In case any tourists are reading this, I don’t think that actually is Her Majesty’s son in the fetching red outfit. He’s prefers to stay in the warm these days.

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