The One Where I Go To The London Marathon

I spent today mostly looking like this

I know what you’re thinking – In the words of LMFAO – I’m Sexy And I Know It!!!

I was joining 200 other supporters with Macmillan Cancer at mile 25 cheering on runners of the 2012 London Marathon. I was joined by Team Awesome AKA my very good friends Ellie, Alan and Mickey and had a surprisingly fantastic day.

An article in the Evening Standard called the London Marathon a ‘ pure force for good’ with serious hundreds of millions of pounds being raised for various charideees over the years.  It did seem like the whole atmosphere was pumped full of positive vibes. Cheers were raised for the elite wheelchair athletes, then elite women and men – mind boggling how fast they go and how they’re able to maintain it for over 26 miles….

Then came the normal runners. Anyone from Macmillan, anyone with an unusual name, or anyone with a particularly inventive outfit got an extra loud cheer. My favourite was the dude dressed as an asthma inhaler – different, although I think it’s fair to say the 65 year old dressed in a mankini was less appreciated. It was one of those times when conventional British anti-social rules definitely didn’t apply – we chatted along with other spectators and cheered their loved ones – ‘Go Ed for Lifeboats’ and talked to elated marathoners on the tube home about their race experience.

Later I wandered near the finish line. It was genuinely touching to see people have medals put round their neck and to see how they would look upon them so lovingly – it was obvious how much that lump of metal meant to people. Also to see runners reunited with their friends and families – tears, hugs and love all round – nearly as  sickening my blog post last month.
Even if the thought of running makes you break out in spots, I would highly recommend going along to cheer – you’ll probably get given a t shirt as cool as mine and some inflatable sticks that you can play pretend fencing with if you get bored.

It’s all getting me excited about my next race – a less impressive 10K at Marwell Zoo in a few weeks – Bring It On!!

Until  next time Sportsfans

Over and Out

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8 thoughts on “The One Where I Go To The London Marathon

  1. pobbingalong says:

    It’s so fun cheering on, watching finishers is awesome! I’m sure you helped some people finish with your cheering on, it means so much to them!

  2. Rach W says:

    Awh I would have loved to have been there – though the bbc coverage left me enough of an emotional wreck so maybe best I wasn’t. I propose you run it next year Rach we can get all the ballymena crew to come cheer you on!!xox

  3. Anonymous says:

    Have you run in the zoo yet? xx

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