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The Heart of Life is Good

Warning: This post is sickeningly, nauseatingly upbeat

There’s a lot of rubbish we have to deal with in life. Every day we’re bombarded with sad news & stories of deplorable acts people do to each other. Sometimes it’s easy just to be cynical. However, when it comes to it – I think (in the words of John Mayer), The Heart of Life is Good. Here’s three scenarios from the past 12 months which will warm the cockles of your heart……

(1) Sport Relief

On Sunday I took part in the Sport Relief Mile in The Mall by Buckingham Palace. Over 1million people all over the UK took part in a one, three or six mile run to raise money for charities across the world. I was recovering from a 10 mile long run the previous day so I stuck to the one mile – well, that’s my excuse…. The day typified everything I’ve come to learn and love about running – people of absolutely all shapes, sizes and abilities coming together and doing their thing. There were people sprinting, walking as fast as they could and one amazing lady who took a few steps before resting for a while in her wheelchair before getting up and doing a few more. It took her ages, but she flipping did it. The buzz was great. I was shameless in my celeb hunting – among other things I’m proud to have achieved in my life, I can now say I’ve high fived someone from JLS and got my photo taken with Sir Steve Redgrave who stopped for a decent chat with everyone and is a thoroughly nice bloke. All in all over £54 million has been raised in the UK – who says we’re stingy…. Importantly, I got another medal

(2) The London Riots

Last summer, London went absolutely nuts. Buildings were set on fire, shops looted and people terrorised during a week of rioting. The day after a particularly bad night, I happened to be in Clapham, one of the worst affected areas. Following a post on twitter, Clapham residents came out in their hundreds with their own brushes & shovels and rather than wait for the council, set about clearing up the streets all by themselves. Messages of support were scrawled over burnt out shops and emergency scaffolding, children donated toys to other kids who had lost theirs in fires and people pledged to help shop owners whose buisness had been destroyed.

(3) Fundraising for the Half Marathon

Donations to the Brighton Half Marathon for the Alzheimers society have now reached £2030!! I’ve more than doubled my target and have received donations of huge amounts of money from people who I’ve never even met, but whose lives have been affected in some way by Alzheimers. On top of the very generous financial donations, people who I talked to about this endevour have been nothing but 100% positive about the most unlikely person in the world training and finishing a half marathon. The donations page will be open to May, so if anyone is still feeeling generous, feel free to click here.

So yes, there’s a lot going wrong, and but I reckon when we get to it, The Heart of Life is really is Good

Enough nauseating optimism – until next time when I’ll be twisted and cynical

Peace Out



Foot Watch – The Sequel

Whenever I’ve seen friends over the past couple of weeks, before we even get to the hello stage, I invariably get asked the question – How are your feet?? This is followed up quickly with “By the way dude, your feet are gross – Who even puts pictures of their feet on the internet” What can I say – bite me… Three weeks post race and here’s how they’re shaping up

Extra cushioning for future races I suppose.

Life after completing such a big milestone is weird – you can’t help but feel there’s a bit of a void.  I’ve made a real effort to keep up with running 3 times and cross-training a couple of times every week. I’ve been going to a few of my local parkruns and can’t say enough about how good they are – free 5k races every Saturday all round the UK – super friendly people with absolutely all levels of running ability. I’m also seeing my 5k time come down nicely 😉 I’ve put my Half Marathon medal on the bedroom mirror – still smile every time I see it!

Next race is the Sport Relief Mile down The Mall in London which should be a lot of fun. 25th March baby – see ya there

Peace Out