Foot Watch

If you’re squemish, you probably shouldn’t read this post.

One week since the Brighton Half Marathon. My legs are recovered, I’m feeling smug. There’s only one problem – My feet are Fuct.

I mean seriously

*WARNING – Grossness Alert*

I got properly fitted for running shoes on that running machine where they take a video of your feet and you watch it back with popcorn AND I got fancy running socks AND I even wore preventative blister plasters before I ran but as you can see, that didn’t work.

Wanna see another one

This is a direct quotation from one of the people I live with “Please don’t make me look at them again”

I’ve been advised a hot bath with Epsom salts is the way forward, but does anyone else have any top tips for dealing with blisters? It’s been a week now, they won’t go away and they hurt!!

In other news,  I’ve had a few requests to keep this blog going even though the half marathon is finished and I’m only too happy to oblige! I’ve realised that booking into organised stuff is the best way to keep me focussed and keep this fitness malarky going. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to turn into a Keeno (Click here to discover why I NEVER want to be a Keeno) but I’m feeling well, have had a blast over the past few months, so it would be silly not to keep it going. So, over the next few months, I have booked myself into

The Sport Relief Mile in March

The Bupa London 10,000 in May

The Great North Swim in June

The London 10k in July


The Great North Run in September which is the worlds BIGGEST Half Marathon (super excited about that one)

It’s gonna be great. I’m gonna get me so much free stuff!!

So until next time, Peace Out – next time I’ll try not to write something that’ll make you vom.



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5 thoughts on “Foot Watch

  1. You should see the state of my feet, I had huuuuge blood blisters just under the ball of my foot. Now the blisters are gone but basically so has all the skin from that area. I was going to take photos of them but they are just TOO revolting 😦

    On the plus side, I discovered that Savlon, Compeed Blister Plasters (get the Extreme ones meant for heels, they are much better than the ones meant for underfoot) and zinc oxide tape are magic on blisters.

    Here’s to happy feet and pedicures after the marathon!

  2. Theresa says:

    You’ll get used to the blisters. Trust me 🙂

  3. Pippa says:

    ewwwww…..but good job on the run!! xo

  4. I totally know what you are going through!!! After my half-marathon I took a picture of my blistered feet but decided against posting it on my blog!! 🙂 So applause for having the guts to post it! :0 It’s a part of runing you know??
    My advice (although this is more of a long run thing, haha pun intended) is to get running shoes half to a full size bigger. I’m not sure if you know this but your feet swell when you run (just naturally, its nothing to worry about) so if you buy a half size larger, your feet have room to swell and don’t rub against the shoes, causing blisters.
    After I learned that I got bigger shoes and I haven’t gotten any blisters since! 🙂
    As for the here and now? Band-aids work or those special blister band-aids too… basically just endure the pain until it leaves but I HIGHLY suggest getting new shoes( you can also ask the sales person they can usually fin good shoes for your arch, width, etc) or else you will keep getting blisters on top of blisters and they won’t heal,which although its fascinating and gross…its not healthy and it seriously hinders maximum performance.
    I need to shut up now!
    Congrats on your half by the way!!!

  5. […] line was an emotional experience (euphemism for cried like a baby). It also made my feet look like this. It was the culmination of an incredible journey – What started as a random challenge I set […]

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