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Foot Watch

If you’re squemish, you probably shouldn’t read this post.

One week since the Brighton Half Marathon. My legs are recovered, I’m feeling smug. There’s only one problem – My feet are Fuct.

I mean seriously

*WARNING – Grossness Alert*

I got properly fitted for running shoes on that running machine where they take a video of your feet and you watch it back with popcorn AND I got fancy running socks AND I even wore preventative blister plasters before I ran but as you can see, that didn’t work.

Wanna see another one

This is a direct quotation from one of the people I live with “Please don’t make me look at them again”

I’ve been advised a hot bath with Epsom salts is the way forward, but does anyone else have any top tips for dealing with blisters? It’s been a week now, they won’t go away and they hurt!!

In other news,  I’ve had a few requests to keep this blog going even though the half marathon is finished and I’m only too happy to oblige! I’ve realised that booking into organised stuff is the best way to keep me focussed and keep this fitness malarky going. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to turn into a Keeno (Click here to discover why I NEVER want to be a Keeno) but I’m feeling well, have had a blast over the past few months, so it would be silly not to keep it going. So, over the next few months, I have booked myself into

The Sport Relief Mile in March

The Bupa London 10,000 in May

The Great North Swim in June

The London 10k in July


The Great North Run in September which is the worlds BIGGEST Half Marathon (super excited about that one)

It’s gonna be great. I’m gonna get me so much free stuff!!

So until next time, Peace Out – next time I’ll try not to write something that’ll make you vom.



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Mission Acomplished

Every now and again, the universe pulls its finger out and things come together to make a near perfect day.

Perfect weather, a beautiful route, a city alive with supporters and my very own fan club made for an awesome, awesome day. I was running with my very good friend Amy and we both made it across the finish line. There was some controversy after the race finished – it transpired that someone put a cone in the wrong place during a turn around and we actually ran half a mile more than the 13.1 miles we were supposed to! Our times were adjusted so I managed it in 2hours 27 mins which isn’t exactly breaking any records, but I was chuffed nonetheless.

I heard of a really nice idea which Amy, and I tried out – we dedicated each mile to a different person(s) I’ve asked Amy to be a guest contributer on this post – I can’t guarantee that these are perfectly in order, but here’s a run down of our race….

Mile One –  We dedicated the first mile to each other – so mile one goes to Amy who was running her second half marathon and killed it despite being unwell all last week – we did it dude!!

Amy – Yooooouuu! Very proud of one of my favourite people and her new found running talents! I was very happy to share the day with you – and well done on your victory!

Mile Two – To Stephen who I work with who told me his Mum lived with Alzheimer’s before her death a few years ago

Amy – To your Nan – all the pain and hard work inspired by her, to a great cause too.

Mile Three – To Ellie – one of my top 3 favourite people – to her resilience for coping with a really tough year and her 100% enthusiasm and encouragement for this crazy idea I had last winter

Amy To Geoff – my favourite boy, thanks for the support despite knowing my lack of training. Wouldn’t have been the same without your shouts at various time points, and of course the kiss at mile 6

Mile Four – To Barcardi Ali my crazy Auntie who put on an event in her home bringing in hundreds of pounds and who is recovering from a nasty operation this week

Amy – To Mummy and Daddy – for all their support in my daft escapades and always checking I’m alive and well at the end

Mile Five – To Chloe who let me stay with her and the family all weekend in Brighton and made me a good luck hot water bottle the night before. Also one of my most favourite people on the planet and who I won’t see for months as she’s traveling with work 😦

Amy – To Grandma Love – what a rubbish couple of years and dedicating this warm up to the Great North Run which I am doing to raise money for the Stroke Association.

Mile Six – To Mum – the best role model a young woman could wish for – shining example of always putting family first

Amy – To Grandpa Love – for being a wonderful Grandfather and for all he does to look after a wonderful Grandmother

Mile Seven – To Grampa ‘The Don’ – this guy could write a book about the things he’s experienced. One of the most loving, gentle, charismatic people you could ever meet – plus, he’s 87 and can txt – legend!

Amy – To my legs! 2 miles of sheer torture followed this point – I should also raise a glass to lucozade and glucose at this stage!!

Mile Eight – To Dad who really excitedly got behind this whole endevour and for a whole host of reasons is truly a Dad in a Million!

Amy To Philip – my wonderful baby brother!

Mile Nine – This is where things really started to hurt! This mile was for Granny – a remarkable woman who is living with this bloody awful condition of Alzhiemers with such dignity and grace

Amy  – To Lisa – my favourite little sister in law

Mile Ten – To my brother Dee – the most genuine person I know. Great Dad, great brother, great bloke!

Amy – To Stevie B – my wonderful big brother, for all of his big brotherly love and guidance

Mile Eleven – To Trevor – a guy I’ve never actually met but who is a friend of my aunt. His father has Alzheimer’s and gave me £100 for this cause

Amy – To Katie – My favourite big sister in law

Mile Twelve – To my sister Caroline who has raised a little star in the form of my niece Hannah. Don’t know how you find the time to do all you do sis – ’nuff respect.

Amy – To Grandad & memory of Grandma Baraniak – what wonderful Grandparents, Grandma is still very much missed

Mile Thirteen –  I ran out of miles to fit everyone I wanted to in, so the last one was for my whole family – I’m incredibly privileged to have grown up with such cool people around who only want the best for me – I’m truly blessed. At this point, I started crying like a baby and continued until the finish line

Amy To Auntie Linda – well what can I say about her…for the laughter she brings to my life and her love of Lily the little border collie! Mile last .2 which was really a sneaky .7 … my fellow runners on the day who had to keep their legs going that extra half a mile!!

Additional good things about the day

(1) Beating Katie Price

(2) So. Much. Free. Stuff.

Was in a wall of pain the next day and have two feet full of blisters, but honestly, it was worth every last step.

Overwhelmed by the support I’ve received and will let you all know the final total in a few weeks time, but the Just Giving page is still open here if you want to drop by

Could probably write so much more, but for now, that is all.

Until next time

Peace Out


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The Final Countdown……..

So, one week until the Brighton Half Marathon- my first ever proper race. A few months ago running 60 seconds was a challenge so part of me can’t quite believe this is actually happening 🙂 It’s been a mixture of emotions this week – doing fewer and fewer miles in the week before a race is actually really difficult.  You can’t help but worry that all the fitness you’ve spent months cultivating will wilt away during a week of sloth. I’m nervous, but really exited and really pleased that some of my favourite ever people are coming along to share the day.

I was very sad to wake up to the news that Whitney Houston has died. I’ve spent many happy an hour dancing along to Whitney in ironic 80s bars. I’ve added One Moment In Time to my playlist for next week in her honour. I’m hoping that will spur me along in addition to the good wishes and donations so many people have sent. I’ve been genuinely stunned by how generous people have been – ‘anonymous’ – you know who you are – I don’t, but thank you – that was amazingly generous and also people who I’ve never met – e.g. Stephen Griffiths – thanks for the dollar! The Just Giving page is still open so feel free to take a look by clicking here and chucking me a few quid if you feel able / inclined

I’ll let you know how I get on – Wish me luck!
Peace Out


Hey Everybody, Come See How Good I Look

Yesterday was a big day. I ran 12 miles. That’s the farthest I’ve ever ran before, and the longest before the Half Marathon which is TWO WEEKS TODAY!!!

It was also an exciting day because I got to model my new cold weather running gear, complete with sexy fluorescent pink gloves. The weather in the UK has decided to go a bit nuts so I was running in -3c. Still, it’s almost worth it when you get to look like this…

I totally wanted to shout out ‘Hey Everybody, Come See How Good I Look’ at the top of my voice, Ron Burgandy Style, but no-one else was around, so I contained myself.

Overall the 12 miles weren’t too bad. Although it was cold, it was a beautiful sunny morning and I ditched the hills for the river which meant it was nice and flat. A few things of note happened. I saw a rat towards the end – people who know me well know that I am properly terrified of rats – even writing the word is making me feel sick right at this moment. I saw it far off in the distance and thought about what I should do. I reckoned if I could run 12 miles, I could cope with running past it. Then it moved again and I totally freaked out and clambered up a hilly ledge to get onto another footpath. I think I kinda scared the people out for their morning stroll.

Although overall I felt ok, at certain points it was really tough – around mile 9 I thought I was going to die. Then something amazing happened – my itunes playlist shuffled to the Chariots of Fire theme tune, and right when I was looking at this

I actually laughed out loud – amazing how the right songs find you, just when you need them.

Unbelievable to think in two weeks time it will be race day. People have been incredibly supportive and have been asking how to donate – I’m running this for the Alzheimer’s Society who I know from personal experience are a wonderful charity providing support for people living with Alzheimer’s and their families. If you would like to, you can donate to the Alzheimer’s society by clicking here – your generosity is genuinely, hugely appreciated.

So now I start tapering off which is basically doing less to conserve energy for race day – much harder than it sounds as I’ll probably spend the fortnight worried I’ll totally lose all fitness and forget how to run. Wish me luck!

Peace Out


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