Tales of a Miserable Run

I’ve been basking in New Years smugness recently (a la last couple of posts). I’ve been running, swimming or doing something active every day this week and it’s been going well. I’ve actually been enjoying myself – even the killer hill route I’ve discovered of which I partook four miles of on Thursday.

Today, however,  was just one of ‘those’ runs where every step was an effort. I did eight miles and, similar to what I do in my every day life, I decided not to make it easy for myself. Although the Brighton Half Marathon is pretty flat, I’ve decided to do all my longer runs in a beautiful, mahoosive Royal Park . Although it is beautiful, it’s also pretty hilly and my ‘try a new thing every day’ plan backfired when trying a new running route saw me faced with some pretty evil inclines. Normally, after a couple of miles, I get in ‘The Zone’ and although I’m not particularly fast, I can get along without too much effort. Today, that just didn’t happen even though the weather was stunning and I was running around a gorgeous lake – I just wasn’t feeling it. The last mile was particularly awful. Didn’t stop though and am pleased with myself that I finished. Hope next week is better – it better be – it’s a 10 miler!

Apart from today (when I spent an hour and a half wondering how I could have come up with such a stupid New Years Resolution) I’ve really enjoyed trying something new every day. Amongst other things I’ve found myself walking home from work (a mere 7.8 miles), grabbing a cup of coffee before catching my train (where I bumped into a colleague which led to a nice chat on our journey in) and a genuine revelation is that it’s so much nicer to travel round London on the bus rather than tube. So although today has mostly been spent being grumpy, it has actually been a lovely week. 2012 is still being good to me.

Until next time

Peace Out


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8 thoughts on “Tales of a Miserable Run

  1. Stride & Joy says:

    I just came off a miserable run too, although nowhere near as long as yours!! Here’s to the next one being better! 🙂

  2. Caroline says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! “The zone” is interesting, isn’t it? It usually takes me about 1.5-2 miles to feel like I’m finally in the zone of running. I wish it happened quicker though!

  3. Claudia says:

    Rach, you just ran 8 frigging miles, who cares what you look like or how it felt, you did it anyway! Well done!

  4. Hey, I been there too! When all the factors seem to be perfect for a great run, but it is just not happening. I am glad someone understands…I hate when people are telling me how great MY run will be or must have been…it’s like “Excuse me, but were you out there? NO. So shut up.” 😀

  5. MedalSlut says:

    This is why you should always fill your water bottle with beer when you know a run is going to be an effort. You are ROCKING IT when you’re half-cut, singing along to KISS, and running like Phoebe from friends.

    *I reality I wouldn’t recommend any form of vigorous physical exercise when drunk.

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