The Smug New Years Post

So, we are now in 2012. Outside my room, the rain is absolutely tipping it down – Good start 2012 – Must Try Harder.

I’ve returned to London following an amazing trip back home to Northern Ireland over the holidays. Times like this always make you take a bit of a pause. You meet up with people you haven’t seen for a year, you see what they’ve done, achieved or produced and it makes you take stock of how you’ve spent that last 365 days. While I was at home, my Mum received some sad news about an old work colleague. This lady had been overweight and unwell for years – she gradually became more and more obese until about six months ago she just gave up and stopped going out. She’s now in a coma and receiving palliative care. A few months ago she tearfully told my Mum she felt she’d wasted her life.  (WARNING – Here comes the smug bit) It’s a real cliche, but stories like that really make you realise that life isn’t a dress rehearsal – there’s no way I can go back and change past regrets, decisions or experiences. I’m running the Brighton Half Marathon for the Alzheimers Society and this also makes you think about bigger things like what it will like to grow older, look back over your life and what you will be proud of.

I met up with a good friend for coffee last week and we talked about how we spent this year and how I never thought in a million years I would be running a half marathon. It made me wonder what other things I’ve told myself I can’t do, what limitations I’ve put on myself, what experiences I’ve talked myself out of. I’m not a huge fan of New Years Resolutions (they’re usually abandoned by January 9th). Despite this, I’m going to try an experiment for a month. I’m going to try something new each day. Nothing major, nothing earth shattering, but to challenge the ‘No, that won’t work; You won’t like that’ voice that so often pops up. That’s where I think the exciting things in life happen – not in outlandish Gap Yah japes, but in the subtle shifting of new experiences from day to day – of eating something new, getting to work a different way, going someplace different in your free time. So January will be a month of newness – could be exciting…..

(WARNING – EVEN MORE SMUGNESS)    I started off this New Year the way I mean to go on – up and running. I made it to the lovely park near my house despite the hangover and the head cold I can feel emerging and felt amazing. This is definately NOT how I started last New Year. It’s incredible how things in life can change so quickly and so dramatically. I just cannot begin to describe how unlikely I thought this scenario would be as I embarked upon 2011 and I also cannot begin to describe how much healthier and better I’m feeling compared to this time last year. The hip is feeling good and I was able to keep up with all my cross training and stretching over the holidays. It’s going to be a real challenge over the next 6 weeks, but I’m really excited about the ride. Ok, smugness aside – the rest of the day will mostly be spent eating popcorn and watching trash. A very Happy New Year – I hope 2012 is awesome for you. Peace Out


5 thoughts on “The Smug New Years Post

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog – please will you do it forever?!! I’m going to phone you now. xx

  2. If that’s Amy – aww, thanks hun – I’ll do my best. If you’re not Amy and are truly anonymous – well, that’s just a little creepy….

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