What’s Your Theme Tune?

So, T day (the start of my formal training plan for the Half Marathon in February) was supposed to start this week, and my hip is better, but still not right. I paid my Physio good money to feel round my ass and hurt me for 45 mins this week. He put the full force of his rugby players physique into working on the knots in my hip – I’m glad he didn’t implement a swear jar policy, because a fair few expletives definitely left my lips…. I’m still not allowed to run and it’s driving me mad. However, I’m pretty much on first name terms with the swimming pool staff now and the yoga mat is getting lots of use, so silver linings all round.

It’s at times like this I’m glad I have a theme song. Aly McBeal is one of my favourite TV programmes and my favourite character is her therapist Dr Tracy. One of Aly’s first therapeutic tasks is to find a theme song for her life – something which will give her a boost and a spring in her step whenever life gets that little bit tougher. I think everyone needs a theme song, not just for running, but for life. Once you find it,  you ‘know’ – it becomes part of you, deeply seated in your soul.  Whenever I hear mine, no matter how foul, irritable or grumpy I’m feeling, a smile instantly spreads across my face and I feel I could take on the world. So what is this sainted collection of notes and words which brings so much light to my life??

Every time I hear Jump (the Glee Cast version) I transform into a vessel of joy and literally erm, glee! It works even better if I can watch the video. Do Your Thing by Basement Jaxx comes a very close second. Actually, when I think about it, there are many tunes which can perk me right up. Yesterday, for example, when walking home from the swimming pool with my music on shuffle, I actually caught myself dancing in the street (Martha and the Vandellas would be so proud!). So I would encourage everyone to get a theme song – it will make your life better-  and because you’re worth it 😉 So, feel free to share – what’s your Theme Tune??

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3 thoughts on “What’s Your Theme Tune?

  1. Aly says:

    Ooooh you’ve got me thinking- ‘Me and Julio’ by Paul Simon (also our Wedding first dance !) and ‘There’s a reason’. Forgotten the singer but it is, as you say embedded in my soul.

  2. Geoff says:

    I have the same reaction when I hear The whole of the moon by the Waterboys. Also Drops of Jupiter by Train. Both equally awesome.

  3. […] a previous life, I’ve written about how important it is to have a theme tune to psych you up and give you a boost. This year, Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy has been my […]

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