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A Slight Snag

Well dear readers, since my last ramblings, I’ve achieved a first and I’m not sure whether to be proud, or to cry. I’ve picked up my first ever sports injury! My hip has been playing up for a few weeks now making it really stiff after a run. I went to see my friendly Welsh-ex-rugby-built-like-a-tank-physio this week who told me I have a Syndrome beginning with B in my hip making it knotted and inflamed. On another point, I used to have a Syndrome in my jaw beginning with J that made it click all the time. Anyway, I digress ….

The cause of this problem is literally a pain in the butt. Apparently my bum muscles aren’t just weak, they’re completely non functional! Lots of exercises and putting ice on my hip every hour (although surely life’s too short to put ice on your hip every hour) but most importantly, and sadly, no running until it calms down. Never thought I’d actually be sad not to run, and just as I was starting to enjoy running up hills….

This is particularly annoying as T-day is supposed to start next Sunday. T-day is the start of my formal 12 week training plan which will get me ready for the Half Marathon in February. In the mean time I’ll have to substitute running for swimming and doing stretchy things. Which leads me onto my another thing I’ve been thinking about this week…..

Do you ever find yourself doing or saying something which stops you in your tracks – doing or saying something which is so out of your normal character you wonder at what point you started becoming one of ‘those people’. Imagine then my shock when I found myself on the train home from work with a yoga mat under my arm and wondered wtf was going on! I took a serious reality check. When did I become one of ‘those’ people who owns a yoga mat???  I’d started doing something that vaguely resembled yoga a when I embarked upon this challenge and my torturer physio has told me to take up Pilates to try and strengthen up. Still I sometimes look at it bundled up in the corner of my room and laugh a little to myself. What’s next – mung bean salads??

So once again Sportsfans, Over and Out – hopefully next time I’ll be up and running (literally) again.

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Coming Clean

I was on the phone to my best friend a few weeks ago – she had been going through old photos and came across this. She sent it to me and it has made me chuckle, I kid you not dear readers, for about three days solid.  I have not a clue what I’m doing, when this was taken or why I needed a deer hunter and swimming goggles to express whatever it was I was trying to express – I don’t even think I’d been drinking! It made me think about being able to have a good old laugh with fantastic friends and reminded me what amazing people I have in my life.

I’ve been a bit sheepish about telling people about my plan to run the Brighton Half Marathon. If I’m truly honest, I thought the reaction would be hysterical laughter. Without exception, the response has been one of overwhelming support and a pledge to come cheer me along on the big day. My best friend even decided to run it with me to keep me company. Not one person has expressed a hint of doubt in my ability to complete it or laughed in my face. I’m sorry dear friends and family for doubting you – I love you dearly – you rock!

I ran a nice, chilled out 5k this morning in the beautiful (but pretty hilly) park near my house. I take a while, but always get there eventually. Need to start practicing those hill runs 🙂 Until then, I need to think more of my friends, stop being paranoid and come clean about my plans for the next few months. Until next time SportsFans – over and out.