Going ‘All The Way’

Somethings happens  when you walk into a room full of people for something very specific like a Running Training Day. You quickly spot the divide between the ‘Normals’ and what I like to call ‘The Keenos’. Keenos seem to talk another language, while they were discussing gait analysis and negative splits, I was with the Normals sniggering over the word ‘Fartlek’.

As well as speaking in a foreign language, Keenos on a group jog seem to be overcome with what I can only describe as Runners Tourettes. Things are shouted at random –  stupid things that don’t make any sense. My favourites include  ‘C’mon – Let’s Go’; ‘All The Way ‘and ‘Let’s Pick It Up’. Sorry, I wasn’t aware I had yet to ‘start going’ – I had been moving what I thought was fairly fast for the last few miles.  And thanks for reminding me we’re going to go ‘all the way’ there. I stupidly had it in my mind I would go some of the way, but not ‘all the way’ – your words are wise and profound indeed.  I’m still unclear what I’m supposed to pick up, maybe when I graduate to being a Keeno I will learn (if I ever start talking like a Keeno, I want someone to shoot me in the head).

Another thing you learn is that people who are really, really super fit don’t look very well. Our facilitators, while I have no doubt are so bendy they could tie their ankles in a knot behind their ear lobes, mostly looked like they needed a good feed. I spent much of the time wishing I could make them some stew and maybe after a decent dinner they’d look a bit happier.

Cynicism aside, the half marathon training day I attended yesterday was great, well worth twenty quid. It was run by the race organisers in a lovely hotel in Brighton. Lots was talked about race day and training plans and we went out for a 5k along the seafront. My worst fears were not realised – I wasn’t the slowest, least fit and some other people look much funnier than me when they run! Lots of plugs for drinks and gels and erm, sports bras. But most of all lovely, lovely people – always amazing to hear people’s stories and why their running.  Yesterday also made me realise how much further I have to go (literally) before February – it’s certainly going to be an interesting few months……

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18 thoughts on “Going ‘All The Way’

  1. Anonymous says:

    Rackle this is great! Well done. I can’t run the length of myself. Would love to catch up for a coffee at some point if you’re up for it? Especially given we live so close!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Opps thats from Claire Cahoon!

  3. Anita Mac says:

    Interesting insight into sports activities! I am (or was) more of a cyclist, but the concepts are the same and I can totally relate. Good luck on the half marathon – hope your training goes well and you have a fabulous run!

  4. Amy B says:

    That is sooo funny!! I will be chuckling for a while! Keep it up hun! x

  5. Thanks hun – we can trade mantras on race day!

  6. iseulte says:

    Training teams are well worth it. I have all the confidence in the world that you will perform well in your half marathon.

  7. Theresa says:

    Have you seen the shirt that says “13.1…. I don’t go all the way” I LOVE that one! And I hear you on the stupid pep talking – that’s why I don’t run in training groups.

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