Nice Way To Start

So, full of enthusiasm and gusto, I headed out for my longer run of the week. I’d planned seven kilometres but within a few minutes my GPS went loopy and had me running a kilometer per 23 seconds – I wish….. It was promptly switched off.

Anyhoo, it was a beautiful, beautiful morning and I made my way along the banks of the River Thames with some banging toons churning out. A few miles in, I had ‘a moment’. The sun was shining upon the water,  canal boats were rolling gently along the river and I had ‘One Day Like This’ by Elbow  humming nicely between my ear-drums. I felt like I could run forever. And I did. Well, for considerably longer than I’ve ever done before. I was truly in ‘The Zone’ and loved every second of it. I reckon I managed around 10km but with my dodgy iphone GPS I can’t be sure.

Have started to tell more family and friends about my plan for February. My mother nearly dropped the phone when I told her I was planning to run a half marathon. She’s really proud though and have no doubt that her and my Dad will be some of my most passionate supporters. So, more runs like this please

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5 thoughts on “Nice Way To Start

  1. Lauren says:

    Ah, I love those Moments. What a beautiful place to run!

  2. Thanks Lauren. Yes I really am so lucky to live near such beautiful places – not quite so pretty when pouring with rain, but still very, very beautiful

  3. I love when I get in the zone while running and tune everything else out.

  4. Absolutely Michelle it’s pretty special – hope there’s a few more of those!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I look forward to reading about your progress :tup:

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